VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) operates digital infrastructure that enables and protects billions of interactions every day across the world’s voice and data networks.Verisign offerssolutions that help companies to deliver integrated marketing campaigns and mobile content across the three screens of personal computers, mobile phones, and television sets. Every day, they process as many as 31 billion Internet interactions and support over 100 million phone calls

They offer solutions that help companies to deliver integrated marketing campaigns and mobile content across the three screens of personal computers, mobile phones, and television sets. Their solutions help organizations to deliver emerging services such as mobile banking, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and video over broadband. They provide layered security solutions that protect an organization’s consumers, brand, Web site, and network.

Their digital certificates protect over 750,000 Web servers.
They offer targeted solutions for carriers, consumer product and retail companies, financial services organizations, healthcare and life sciences organizations, media and entertainment companies, and the public sector. VeriSign is a global enterprise with offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Latin America, and North America, supported by a widespread international network of data centers and operations centers.

VeriSign is the authoritative directory provider of all .com, .net, .cc, and .tv domain names. They operate the largest independent SS7 network in the world. They monitor over 1.5 billion security events daily and secure more than 500,000 Web servers worldwide.
VeriSign secures over 500,000 Web servers worldwide with strong encryption and rigorous authentication.
Secure your Web site and protect your brand with SSL Certificates that the world trusts.

Online payment processing lets your customers buy online, offline, and over mobile devices. VeriSign® Payment Services was acquired by PayPal. Together, they can help you securely accept online payments.


VeriSign's digital infrastructure, robust technologies, strategic relationships, and industry experience help Fortune 1000 companies, governments, and entrepreneurs reach new customers, maximize revenue, and streamline operations. Every day, VeriSign enables and protects billions of interactions, helping people securely communicate, collaborate, and do business anywhere, any time, on virtually any device.

Industry Solutions: Consumer Products & Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Public Sector, etc..

Business Solutions: Compliance, Anti-Phishing & Identity Theft, Business Continuity, E-Commerce Security.
Resources for: Large Enterprise, Online Merchants, Developers. 

Support:  Security Services Support, Information Services Support, Communications Services Support, Partner Programs Support, Consumer Support.


Security Services
   SSL Certificates
  Managed Security Services
  VeriSign iDefense Security Intelligence Service
  Unified Authentication
  VeriSign Identity Protection
  Global Security Consulting
  Managed PKI Services
  Code Signing
  VeriSign SecuredTM Seal Program
  Digital IDs for Secure Email
  Online Payment Processing

Communications Services
   Connectivity and Interoperability Services 
  Intelligent Database Services
  Digital Content Services
  Billing and OSS
  Mobile Commerce Services
  Self Care & Analytics

Information Services
   VeriSign Intelligent Supply Chain Services
  Digital Brand Management Services
  VeriSign Real-Time Publisher Services
  Naming Services

Affiliates Worldwide The VeriSign Trust Network of Global Payment Affiliates provides customers worldwide with payment services for individuals, small/medium businesses and large enterprises. These trusted partners offer the advantages of local presence, local language, and products and services tailored to local markets.

Every day, VeriSign intelligent infrastructure services enable and protect all kinds of interactions over the world's voice and data networks, helping to drive a dramatic transformation in the way people work, play and live. That's why today's global carriers, service providers, media companies, and portals are relying on VeriSign to integrate communications, commerce, and content into a single, seamless experience for their customers.

VeriSign is always looking for exceptional, visionary and enthusiastic people to join their dynamic team. Career opportunities exist in technology, operations, finance, legal, sales, and marketing.

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