Beanstream is Canada's leading provider of authentication and electronic payment processing solutions, including merchant account, credit card, EFT and ACH services.
Beanstream is a wholly owned subsidiary of LML Payment Systems Corp, a Canadian company which is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol LMLP.

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Beanstream provides payment, risk management and authentication services to nearly 35000 businesses and organizations in Canada and the United States. Their client list includes the leading businesses and organizations in every merchant sector in the country in addition to many small and mid-sized businesses.

They are generally regarded as having the most comprehensive and robust selection of payment, risk and authentication services within the industry. Beanstream offers a wide selection of fully integrated, bank neutral, credit card, and cash management products. They enhance these core product offerings with best of class risk management and authentication tools. They link merchants selling products or services, customers wanting to buy them, and financial institutions that transfer funds allowing transactions to take place. In seconds they can process Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners and Discover credit cards on behalf of any Canadian and most American merchant card issuers. They also provide payment and authentication services to traditional bricks and mortar merchants who want to use the Internet as a cost effective means of communicating with their bank or credit reporting agency, and to extend the functionality and convenience of their existing products.

Add online credit card processing to your website. Online merchant accounts, credit card gateway, debit cards, direct deposit and more!
Secure, online credit card processing made easy! Get online merchant accounts, gateway processing services and multiple integration options.
Accept Debit Cards Online (INTERAC). Add more to your online credit card processing package and offer your customers another way to pay. Sign up for Interac Online.
Direct Debit and Direct Payment Solutions. Process bank credits or debits to any financial institution in North America for CAD or USD transactions.

Serving YOUR Business Needs
Tired of being talked into services that just don't work for your business? They will create the package that works for your e-commerce goals. It's why thet are the choice of many of North America's leading businesses.
Adding more to your System
Beanstream offers one of the most comprehensive back-end systems available. You'll get access to numerous payment methods, flexible integration options and many additional free tools to help you streamline your transaction flow.
Keeping Transactions Safe & Secure
Beanstream is PCI Level 1 certified. They have developed partnerships with top technology providers and banking institutions. You'll receive dependable online payment processing at all times of the day or night.

Online Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments over the web.
They are here to help you grow your e-commerce potential quickly and easily. The Beanstream online credit card processing gateway supports Canadian and US dollar transactions for the most popular credit cards - including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover as well as several private label cards. All services available in English or French.
Save on transaction fees
They offer competitive rates and will tailor your service package to meet your business requirements. No locked contract, no hidden service fees. They are also a one-stop shop for low-cost online merchant accounts.
Create the best experience for your customers
Customer-facing payment pages are as important as the checkout setup at a retail store. Choose from a wide range of store design and integration options. Impress your clients. Keep your conversion rates high.
Streamline your internal processes
Beanstream offers many free services including comprehensive reporting and numerous risk management options to help you manage your transaction flow and keep your business running smoothly.

Online Credit Card Processing Service Options

Their basic gateway package includes: Quickstart Hosted Payment Page. Simple, XML-based API for custom apps. Virtual Terminal, Recurring Billing, Batch Processing, FREE Risk Management, Superior Transaction Reporting.
Value-add options: Online Merchant Accounts, Interac Online, Quickstart Hosted Shopping Carts, Payment Profiles, Online Registration, Transaction Authentication, Direct Deposit/Direct Payment.

Accepting Debit Cards Online with INTERAC Online

Add more to your store
Increase your online potential - have customers pay using their debit cards online. Millions of people choose debit cards over credit every day. Accepting debit cards online lets you access a whole new market. It's also simple to integrate and simple to use.
Lower your risk
Accept debit cards online to avoid chargebacks and lower transaction risks. With INTERAC Online, processing and authentication is done direct by the customer's bank.
Lower your costs
INTERAC Online fees are lower that online credit card processing fees. Accepting debit cards online will save you money.
Increase your revenue
Interac Online attracts the younger demographic and the credit weary. Paying using debit cards online provides choice for anyone who can't get or won't use credit cards.
INTERAC Online Service Options: Use INTERAC Online with: Quickstart Hosted Payment Page, Quickstart Hosted Shopping Carts, Automated Programming Interface (API), Online Registration.

Other payment options:
Online Credit Card Processing, Direct Deposit/Direct Payment.
Some restrictions apply for processing debit cards online.
Consumers must have access to online banking at a participating Interac Online financial institution.

Direct Debit/Direct Payment Services
Direct debit and direct payment through your bank
Process payments through the institutions you and your clients know and trust. Beanstream direct debit and direct payment services let you debit and credit bank accounts with minimal effort. Benefit from low setup and monthly fees, and save on the discount rates and interest costs associated with credit. What's more, with Beanstream as your central point-of-contact, there's no need to deal with multiple institutions. Beanstream direct debit and direct payment services are available in CAD and USD.

Direct debit/direct payment system features
Simple, convenient file processing. Process an unlimited number of direct debit or direct payment transactions within minutes. No special software- just a simple spreadsheet and a connection to the Internet.

Secure transaction management. Transfer direct debit and direct payment files through Beanstream's secure online portal. Review comprehensive reports and set a range of system access rights so confidential information is kept that way.

Optional API integration. Process direct debit and direct payment through your custom application. Contact a business development associate for details. Popular uses for direct debit & direct payment.

Direct payment for business-to-business transactions. Direct payment funds to your business partners. Settle invoices on time and with ease while saving on costly postage and printouts.

Direct payment for client invoicing. Capture new clients, satisfy existing customers and reduce operational costs. Direct payment lets you save on discount rate fees and eliminate the delays associated with mailed payments.

Direct deposit payment for payroll. They have partnered with Sage payroll software experts to offer a full direct deposit payment solution for payroll. Visit Simply Accounting for details.

Partnering with Beanstream

Partner with Canada's leading online payment processor!
Beanstream prides itself on offering CHOICE and FLEXIBILITY with all of their products. They approach their business partnerships from the same perspective. Beanstream has many options to help you add value to your product mix and increase revenue opportunities. If you have the volume, they can also look at developing custom packages to suit your needs.
All of their partners are guaranteed to benefit from:
Robust products that are tried and tested by enterprise-strength merchants.
Easy-to-integrate APIs, straightforward commissions and transparent partnerships.
A vested interest in your business. When you succeed, they succeed. They are here to help.

Use their robust gateway in your own e-commerce solution.
Run Beanstream's electronic payment processing services in the background of your branded e-commerce service. You act as the primary contact for your customers - their integration specialists provide you with the support you need to be successful.
Create your own packages and set your own pricing schedules. Maximize your brand presence. Let merchants see their processing tools through your creative vision. Gain free access to knowledgeable integration and business development specialists. You pass on only the information you want to your clients.

Earn continuous rewards for sending your clients their way.
Searching out clients, setting up services, maintaining contracts - it's all hard work. By partnering with Beanstream, you can use your clients to create a new, continuous revenue stream without charging an extra dime or putting in any extra effort!
Earn generous commission on Beanstream's recurring gateway fees. With merchant account programs and a comprehensive suite of tools, they handle almost any e-commerce need.

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