MerchantPlus - the Internet's leading direct provider of merchant services and credit card processing! With all the choices online for Internet, Retail, Wireless and Offshore merchant credit card processing, it's can be hard to find the best solution. They take the guesswork out by offering low-rate, flat-fee, direct merchant accounts backed by JPMorgan Chase Bank and they even show you how they stand against our competitors in their constantly updated Comparison Calculator.

MerchantPlus team members are experts in shopping carts, payment forms, terminals, wireless devices and have years of experience in supporting merchants of all sizes.
They wi ll be here to help you get started - from their easy 1-2-3 application process to terminal setup and eCommerce integration! 

MerchantPlus is the leader in online merchant account services, merchant accounts for small/medium businesses and advanced solutions such as high-speed retail processing and mobile/wireless credit card acceptance. They offer an unbeatable FLAT FEE, direct merchant account solution - and a cost comparisons to prove it.

Internet Merchant Account

Rates and Fees
MerchantPlus offers Internet's best all-inclusive package for accepting credit cards online, over the phone or for mail orders!  In addition to years of experience enabling Internet businesses, their rates are unbeatable and they guarantee you won't find a better deal anywhere.

Free Gateway and Virtual Terminal
MerchantPlus now includes a free, industry leading gateway service with each and every account! There are NO setup charges, NO monthly charges and NO per transaction gateway charges to use the powerful NaviGate gateway system.

Flat-Rate Fee Structure
Unlike most merchant providers, they offer a flat-rate fee structure - you only pay $19.95/month plus your per transaction charges!
No hidden fees, no costly setup charges and no monthly minimums. With MerchantPlus, they keep your rates simple and guarantee to beat any other online merchant provider.

Retail Credit Card Processing

If you run a retail storefront, you need to accept credit cards. According to the U.S. government, nearly 75-percent of American families have one or more credit cards and many consider them their preferred method of payment. The fact is, if you don't accept credit cards your customers will likely go to someone who can. If you already accept credit cards - you need to make sure that you are getting the best rates and service you can. In today's economy, saving on each transaction really does matter.
MerchantPlus is the online leader in merchant account services and they have the right rates and the right equipment to make accepting credit cards easy, quick and painless. All of their retail accounts come with FREE reprogramming and FREE 2-day UPS shipping.

Rates and Fees
MerchantPlus' rates are simple and competitive! The rates are available with any terminal that they sell. All terminals include FREE 2nd day air shipping and reprogramming! Simply complete the online application and choose the terminal model you want and after approval, they'll ship the pre-programmed machine to your door!

Wireless Credit Card Processing

If you do business at trade shows, stadiums, on customer premises or from multiple locations, you now have the ability to offer your customers additional payment options while guaranteeing that you obtain payment at the point of sale.
Their powerful GPRS-enabled wireless terminals allow you to accept credit and debit card payments in realtime from anywhere you can use your cell phone! Wireless credit card processing powered by MerchantPlus' advanced GPRS terminals will enable you to do business more professionally, more quickly and with less room for error or missed payments. MerchantPlus is the online leader in merchant account services and they have the right rates and the right equipment to make accepting credit cards easy, quick and painless. All of accounts come with FREE reprogramming and FREE 2-day UPS shipping for any terminal you purchase from them.

Partner Program and Affiliate Commissions

MerchantPlus is a true leader in online payment  processing and grows mainly through referrals  from past clients, web hosting and web design  partners, and point of sale integrators. They  are  highly supportive of our partners, offering a solid $50 per referral commission and  bolstering the reputation of their partners by  providing the highest level of merchant services  available in the industry. For referrals of over  $100,000/mo in Visa/MC processing, they offer  revenue sharing residuals.

As a technology-driven company, they support  their own gateway solution and offer the latest  in wireless credit card services, IP-based point of sale terminal and integrations with popular  Point of Sale software such as Microsoft Point  of Sale / Retail Management System and Aldelo for Restaurants. As a partner, you can trust that they'll help you to grow your business and provide your referrals with reliable payment processing and the right solutions to address payment challenges.

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EMerchantPay is a high quality European based provider of online credit card processing solutions to merchants worldwide providing, through its network of European and US Banks, a robust platform through which its clients can accept global Visa and MasterCard online payments. Whether you are a new webmaster who is planning to, or has recently established an online presence, or whether you are an established online merchant looking to diversify risk by taking advantage of their direct merchant accounts, eMerchantPay is ideally positioned to meet your needs. They empower your online business with:

Online payment solutions designed for your specific size and business model.

Competitive rates and fees.
Fast and easy set-up. Their Customer Guide will give you for more information about their process. Fully PCI Compliant Payment Gateway providing a stable and secure environment for your credit card processing. Choosing eMerchantPay as your processing partner provides with access to a wealth of industry expertise supported by an unrivalled network of acquiring banks designed in order to provide online merchants with a professional, secure and long-term payment processing solution.

Choose an online merchant solution that fits your online business size and needs:

If you are a new webmaster, who has just launched your online business, EMerchantPay will take care of you. PayLink is specially designed for new online merchants. Apply Now to get started.

PayDirect is the ideal merchant account solution for large-scale online businesses. If you currently have an established online business and website, eMerchantPay may be the solution that offers better rates and payout frequency, higher fraud prevention and security. Apply Now to get started.

EMerchantPay will empower your online business with:
1. Competitive Rates
2. Fast & Easy Approval and Set-up
    Please review their Customer Guide to learn details on the approval and set-up process.
3. Easy technical integration and full customer support
    Customer Guide to learn details on the technical integration process.
4. Secure process and advanced fraud prevention
    Payment Gateway and security and fraud prevention features
5. Consistent weekly payouts

You will be able to review and monitor your processing figures at any time.

Online Payment Gateway
EMerchantPay utilizes a certified PCI-compliant secure online payment gateway that provides online merchants with secure payment forms and server-to-server integration services.

Their online transaction administration tools provides the merchant with :
Transaction Monitoring: Monitor trading activities in real time.
Transaction Search: Search for individual transactions and chargebacks.
Refunds: Easily refund any approved transaction via the search results page or any transaction details page.
Transaction Reports: Daily, weekly and monthly reports.
Billing Statements: Generate weekly statements for every merchant and at any time, you can login to review
  your billing statements.

Over the years, our online gateway processing platform has been developed into a state-of-the-art, secure, centralized, internet- based application to meet the exact demands of the online industry.
They are constantly striving to provide innovations to help you maintain your online business, minimize your refunds, keep chargebacks low, and protect you from fraudulent transactions.

EMerchantPay's online payment gateway features ensure that it is a secure and reliable environment for your online credit card processing:
All data streams managed and directed in real time
All transaction data validated and authenticated prior to forwarding to the acquirer
128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption key
Risk Check Module to catch, combat and block fraudulent transactions
Extensive negative database continually updated
Firewalled and encrypted database
Complete back office accounting module
Regularly audited by external experts to ensure gateway security
Geographical IP address location check
Issuing bank BIN Number country match
Real-time Address Verification Check (AVS)
Rebilling system for subscription/membership sites management

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