Western Union
Western Union Global Business Payments offers a diverse product suite designed for both businesses and bill paying consumers. They are a market leader in walk-in and expedited electronic payment solutions, and a leading provider of cross-border payment services that help clients improve cashflow, reduce costs and streamline payment processing.
Send money fast and efficiently with an international payment solution.

Solutions for your Customers.
Fast, Reliable and Customized Bill Payment Solutions.
Western Union Global Business Payments provides reliable, comprehensive and customizable consumer-to-business bill payment solutions that help improve your cash flow and reduce costs.

Whatever your industry and wherever your location you need payment solutions that are specific to your customers and customized to your needs. Western Union® Global Business Payments was developed to provide comprehensive end-to-end payment solutions focusing on simplicity and seamless integration into your networks.
Let them handle your customer payments for you with speed and accuracy.
Enable your customers to make their payments fast, receive money efficiently and learn how to protect your own margins with Western Union's full suite of customer solutions customized for your unique needs.

They offer a variety of bill payment solutions for your business, including walk-in and electronic payments, with industry specific solutions and services for your international needs.

For billing businesses, they offer comprehensive, end-to-end bill payment solutions that focus on simplicity and seamless integration into your networks. Their solutions help reduce costs and improve cash flow, and offer your bill paying customers choice, convenience, and control.

With multiple payment platforms and multiple types of acceptable payment, your customers can receive the flexibility to choose the best way to send payments through a variety of service options.

Flexible payment types, payment schedules and calculation methods, Self-service payment options (Internet, IVR, eBill), Well-known trusted walk-in cash payment channel with over 350,000 Western Union Agent locations worldwide.

Walk-in Cash Payments
Offer a cash payment option to your customers with over 46,000 convenient agent locations in the U.S., while gaining peace of mind with guaranteed funds.

Electronic Payments
Provide your customers a comprehensive set of payments options, including ACH, ATM, credit and debit, available through a variety of channels. Their solutions are customizable to your business and can help you reduce costs .

Solutions by Industry
While they have billers in almost any industry, learn about our solutions as they relate to those they most commonly service.

Solutions Outside the U.S.
With over 350,000 agent locations worldwide, Western Union can help your global business offer your customers the options they need to pay you quickly, reliably and conveniently. This includes walk-in cash and electronic payment options, as well as consumer disbursements.

Solutions for your Business
International Payment and Risk Management Solutions.
Don't let rapidly fluctuating currency rates limit your organization's growth or hurt your bottom, line. Whatever your industry and or your location you need international payment solutions that are specific to your business and that help meet your needs.
Send payments fast, receive money efficiently and learn how to help protect your margins with a full suite of international payment and risk management solutions from Western Union.

Global Payments for Small Business
Get the simple online international payment solution for small business. Send payments 24/7 with access to over 140 currencies with real-time exchange rates. Help give your business a competitive advantage.

For small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to specialized vertical industries, through Western Union affiliate Custom House (USA), Ltd., they offer an extensive service portfolio that enables clients to manage their unique payment and receivable requirements.

Their multi-channel account-to-account delivery system enables our business clients to send payments fast and receive money efficiently in 120 countries, in over 140 currencies.

International payment solutions for clients growing their businesses in global markets Payment tools that help manage foreign and domestic payables and receivables. Risk management solutions that help mitigate the impact foreign currency movements could have on your business.

International Payments
Send payments in over 140 currencies and initiate quick & reliable payments when you need to.
Choose a payment solution that meets your needs and makes it easy to do business abroad.

Book a transaction in over 140 currencies: Send money around the world when you need to, whether it's Ugandan shillings or Swiss franc. Get real-time exchange rates: Book a preferred rate before you send funds so that you always know how much money is going to arrive. Quick and convenient fund transfers: Initiate payments from a computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or contact one of their FX specialists.

Send money fast and efficiently with an international payment solution.

International Receivables
Receive, manage, and process payments quickly and efficiently. With their solutions your business can receive funds in your desired currency with comprehensive reporting.

Initiate transactions reliably: Receive funds anywhere with a trusted Internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Avoid multiple account management: Receive funds in your home currency from US dollar account.
Avoid holding multiple overseas accounts.
Easily reconcile payments to accounts receivable: Take advantage of comprehensive reporting and payment tracking.
Your accountant will love you for it.

Manage your foreign receivables with an efficient solution.

Risk Management
Help minimize risk with hedging solutions for your business. Their risk management solutions for foreign exchange include forward contracts and exchange rate bids.

Forward Contracts: Lock in your preferred exchange rate up to a year in advance so that you can help better manage your books and plan for the future.
Exchange Rate Bids: Choose your preferred exchange rate and they will monitor currency movements for you, letting you know when your rate is available.

Industry Solutions
Your business is unique. Get payment and risk management solutions that meet your needs. They have solutions specific for your industry: Agriculture, Education, Financial Institutions, Import–Export, Law, Mining, New Media, Non–Profit, Travel, Wine & Spirits.

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