An Alternate Way to Pay for Auctions!  BidPay® is a fast, reliable way to pay or get paid for your online auctions.
When an auction is over, winners visit and simply enter the auction details and payment information.
BidPay then sends payment to the seller either by mailing a Western Union® branded money order or, if the seller is located in the U.S., by sending a payment directly to the seller’s U.S. checking account. It’s that simple!

Pay and Get Paid.
Pay for auction items easily
with BidPay. Fast, convenient, reliable.
Discover an alternate way to pay or get paid for online auctions!

BidPay is a fast, convenient and reliable online auction payment method. Buyers can use their credit or debit card to easily pay for their online auctions at by sending payment directly to the seller's U.S. checking account or by having a money order sent to the auction seller.
Fast & Reliable.
Buyers and sellers are notified via email when the transaction is processed and approved.
Registered users can track and manage orders online through Account Central.
Easy for Buyers.
Convenient auction payment processing.
When the auction ends, buyers visit and simply enter their auction details and payment information and we begin processing the transaction.

FREE for Sellers (Except for third party fees and UK Pound Sterling fee).
Receive payment via Western Union branded money orders.
Registered sellers can have BidPay payment buttons automatically inserted in all of your auction listings.
Registered sellers located in the U.S. can have payments sent directly to your U.S. checking account.
Learn more about how it works? Get Started Today!

Buyers, pay for an online auction now. Simply enter your auction information and BidPay will begin processing your transaction.

Sellers, offer your buyers a choice in auction payment methods with BidPay. Register today and in minutes you can automatically add the BidPay payment button to your auction listings and begin receiving payments through BidPay – at no cost to you! Register with BidPay.

To learn more about their auction payment service, take a look at answers to their frequently asked questions.
Want to learn more? BidPay will help you look for the information you need.

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AnyPay works different from other email payment services you might know. The biggest difference is that ANYPAY payments aren't based on a prepaid account. Instead, funds will be transfered directly between our private and business customer's bank, credit card and merchant accounts. So the main advantage is that you don't need to have funds waiting unused in your prepaid account while you could better use them in your bank account.

AnyPay makes your payment life easier: You can send, request and receive money to and from anyone with an email address. (ANYPAY for business users )

Their transactions clear in microseconds. No more waiting for checks in the mail or other payments on the way. Payments simply arrive instantly! ANYPAY is a Canadian Company, operating under Canadian, and other International laws. ANYPAY's short term Assets are liquid at all times, and cover at least 102% of all outstanding Customer's funds. No more check writing or wire transfers. Pay online bills with a single mouseclick. You can make transactions 24 hours a day, right from any internet PC in the world.

You can pay anyone on the web, without high transaction costs. They support all countries, and are working hard to add more and more languages and currencies to our site. Opening an account and most of their services are free to consumers. Only some special extra services will cost you a small transaction fee, saving you cash money compared to other payment methods. Businesses are being served at competitive rates. Their industry-leading encryption technology has never been broken! Imagine what could go wrong when sending cash or checks.

Your bank account or credit card numbers always remain secret to others. It is naturally safer to leave your payment details only with AnyPay than with a new seller each and every time you make a purchase. Companies and Merchants can benefit from AnyPay's unique business services. AnyPay can do many things that your bank account, online or offline, usually can't do. Once you tried it, you will not want to miss it any longer. Soon, you will be asking all your friends when they will stop using old fashioned payment methods and start paying the online way. is not to be confused with Australia bank Adelade Bank's online P2P transfer system, found

After opening you ANYPAY account you can send, request and receive money to and from anyone with an email address, even if they don't have an ANYPAY account: They will ask them by email to sign up and complete your transaction.

Send Money
Pay anyone with an email address.

Request Money
Send bills by email and let the payee reply with his payment.

Affiliate Payouts
Receive online revenue by email - fast and easy.

Automate your receivables - eBilling made affordable.

Mass payments
No more checkwriting. Pay 10 or 10,000 receivers.

Web payments
Put a "BUY"-button on your website.

ANYPAY for business users... 

A typical transaction:
add money to your account, send money to any email address.
Case A - receiving email address already registered:
The money is credited to the related ANYPAY account instantly
Case B - receiving email address not yet registered:
They send a note to that address. The notified receiver signs up with ANYPAY and finds your money in his new account

With ANYPAY you can:
send, request and receive money by email, register bank accounts and credit cards as sources of funds for payments, view your account balance and transaction history, manage your personal preferences, register additional email addresses that serve as an account number in ANYPAY.

Sources of money for transactions:
Use funds you have added to your ANYPAY account from your bank acount or credit card.
Use money you have received from someone else.
Send money from your credit card or bank acount to someone's ANYPAY account, without having to maintain a balance with us.
Make transfers directly between your and a business user's bank account, passing by ANYPAY's accounts.

Funds in your account you can at any time:
withdraw to your bank account, send to anyone by email, keep in account for future use, receive as a check mailed to your address.

Mass payments

This unique service is addressing anyone involved in receiving or paying out online revenue. 
Typical users are affiliates or merchants of... affiliate programs, get-paid-to... sites, cashback or loyalty shopping sites, internet lotteries, any other business with volume payout needs.

Payees (members / affiliates) benefit by receiving their payments faster, automatically without checks and (for foreign payments) with no high international check fees.  

Payers (merchants / businesses) benefit from lower costs, easy integration and by providing their members with the solution that they prefer - especially with international payments.

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