Do you accept credit cards? Accepting credit cards with a merchant account can increase your sales potential by 75 million customers.  Credit Card Processing reports by the "Nilson Report" found that over 90% of all online transactions are done via credit cards or debit cards. You can apply for a FREE Merchant Account Today!
Sell more. Accept Credit Cards. Free Set Up Today!

Free Merchant Account
Credit Card Processing with a free merchant account for internet credit card processing allows you to accept credit cards on the internet via a shopping cart or online virtual terminal. Your Internet credit card processing can be done 100% online.

Internet Payment Gateway
They use the Fastcharge internet payment gateway which includes: free recurring billing, a free secure shopping cart, free fraud screening and internet check processing and credit card processing.

Free Recurring Billing
The Fast Charge Secure Payment Gateway offers a robust yet easy to use Free Recurring Billing Electronic Billing & Invoicing Software system that can suit the needs of your business.

Process Online Checks
The Fast Charge Payment Gateway automatically includes a FREE online checks option with each gateway license.

This is a perfect option for donations and rentals etc..

Free Shopping Cart Software
We offer a hosted free shopping cart solution that can be integrated into an existing web site.
This option is for merchants who do not have their own shopping cart.

Instant Merchant Accounts
There are many pitfalls when applying for an instant merchant account. Many merchant service providers offer instant merchant accounts that are place holders for the real merchant account with no real approval.

What Are All The fees? The #1 most asked question we get for a merchant account is what are all the fees.
They have low fees!

Retail Merchant Accounts
A retail merchant account and credit card processing is where your credit card processing is conducted when most of your sales are conducted face to face with your customers. To qualify for the lower retail rate the credit card processing must be a swiped transaction.

Mail/Phone Order Merchants
Credit Card Processing is no longer used only to pay for merchandise in face-to-face transactions. Payments are now conducted over the phone or by mail. Our merchant accounts include phone credit card processing!

Wireless Processing Solutions
Our mobile solutions include access to all major credit and debit card networks and telephone processing for mobile or seasional merchants. We also offer touch tone cell phone processing. We offer cell phone credit card processing!

Free Fraud Screening
The Fraud Protection utility within the FastCharge system allows you implement safety precautions when accepting mail or phone orders or Internet transactions.

Non-Profit Organizations
Our non-profit merchant account and credit card processing solution allows you to set up and process online checks or credit cards on a recurring basis without any extra fees and is free to set up.

What About Security
The secure application on this site and Fastcharge.com processing gateway utilize 128-bit SSL certificates issued by geotrust.com and additional certification by Ambiron. Your credit card processing is in very good hands !

Apply using our secure application - free merchant account, free shopping cart - free recurring check/credit card processing set up.

Share-it! has a global Marketing Network and cooperations with partners like CNET, ZDNet and CHIP.

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Moneybookers enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online in real-time!

Use Moneybookers to:
Send money via email from your credit card or bank account;
Make online purchases;
Collect money via email;
Moneybookers delivers a product  ideally suited for small businesses,  online merchants, individuals and  others currently underserved by
traditional payment mechanisms.
As a true global payment solution,  they welcome customers from  every nation of the earth!
Moneybookers Limited is a money  transmitter regulated under UK law.

The benefits of using Moneybookers

Secure: with Moneybookers, you  will no longer need to expose your  credit card information every time  you shop online. Moneybookers can  process the payments for you securely.

Convenient: with Moneybookers, all you need to send a payment is the recipient's email address. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with complicated bank wire forms and the inconvenience of sending and depositing cheques!

Fast: with Moneybookers, you can send and receive payments in Internet time - real-time.

Borderless: as a truly international payment product, Moneybookers is the best and cheapest way to send money cross-border.
The payment you received will be automatically reflected in your account balance as soon as the account has been opened.

You can either withdraw the money to your bank account or keep it in your Moneybookers account to send payments. You will see: there are a lot of things you can do with the money in your Moneybookers balance.
You can't send money more cost efficient cross-border than with Moneybookers.

Registration: FREE
Upload Money From Bank: FREE
Upload Money From Credit Card: 2.5%
Send Money: 1% (up to 0.50)
Receive Money: FREE
Request Money: FREE
Withdraw Money To Bank: 1.80 flat fee
Withdraw Money via Cheque: 3.50 flat fee
For information on fees regarding other payment methods, check their Price List.
A full list of possible account currencies is shown on the 'registration' page.
Currently, these are: Euro, British Pound, Bulgarian Lev, U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Estonian Koruna, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Israeli Shekel, Japanese Yen, Latvia Lat, Malaysian Ringgit, New Taiwan Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Slovakian Koruna, Slovenian Tollar, South-African rand, South-Korean won, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc and Thailand Baht.

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