Let CCNow assist you in selling online so that you have the time to manage the rest of your business. Online Credit Card Processing Accept all major credit cards instantly. .CCNow eliminates the need to struggle with merchant accounts and shopping cart software. CCNow provides: Credit Card Processing, Merchant Account Alternative, Shopping Cart, Secure Checkout, Auction Payment Services, Risk and Fraud Management, International Currency Support, Customer Service.

Shopping Cart CCNow has a fully functional cart with enhanced merchandising capability to help you sell more.
Safety and Security CCNow is proud to display the Scan Alerts Hackersafe logo which means CCNow is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test.

Selling Online at CCNow
If you're like many of our Online Sellers, you've probably researched a number of different e-commerce service options: Merchant account providers, escrow services, peer to peer "you have to be a member in order to make a purchase" payment services, free payment systems, and the like. But the problem with these "bare bones" services is that they do not provide you with a complete, all-in-one solution that's designed to maximize your Online sales to all Online Shoppers.  This is what makes the CCNow solution unique. As your secure online checkout service, CCNow includes all of the features you need to encourage Online Shoppers to purchase products. In addition, Online Shoppers that visit your Web site do not need to be a "member" to make a purchase. As your online retailer, CCNow manages every aspect of the complex e-commerce process for you - all you do is sit back and sell.

Low cost e-commerce
CCNow is the perfect low cost solution to selling your products online. With CCNow, you'll avoid the up-front expense and time required to set up e-commerce software, merchant accounts, customer service and more. In fact, you won't find a more cost-effective way to start selling your products to internet shoppers today.

One-step e-commerce set up
You can start selling online immediately once you register and place a simple link to CCNow on your Web site.
You'll instantly gain sophisticated online payment transaction processing and your own online shopping cart without installing and maintaining the technology yourself.

Toll-free customer service
CCNow provides both telephone and e-mail support to answer any questions that you or one of your shoppers may have.

Online promotions
CCNow will submit your Web site to over 125 of the top search engines including America Online and Microsoft Network. In addition, you will be listed in the CCNow Online Mall to increase visibility of your website and products. You will also be eligible for special promotional packages Digital River, Inc. offers throughout the year to increase your Online reach.

International Sales
CCNow is one of the few e-commerce services that allows both International buyers and sellers to come together and conduct business via the Web. Many of our clients have discovered whole new groups of shoppers in different countries because of CCNow.

Hassle free Online shopping experience
CCNow makes it easy for your customers to purchase and pay for multiple products using their credit cards or PayPal account. As a result, you'll enjoy higher sales and higher customer satisfaction, because customers won't leave in frustration. There are no sign-up forms to fill out and unlike other services out there, shoppers do not have to be a member of CCNow to purchase goods on your Web site.

With CCNow all they have to do is enter their Credit Card information or existing PayPal account! Prompt payments
You'll receive payments from CCNow twice each month. If a customer refund is issued, the CCNow commisions are also fully refunded. By contrast, merchant account providers and auction payment services always keep their commision.

Sophisticated security and fraud risk management
CCNow greatly reduces your risk of credit card fraud by using high-quality online payment security measures. Our secure payment authorization and transaction measures also ensure your customers protection.

Auction payment support
You can streamline your auction sales with CCNow. Simply send e-mails to winning bidders notifying them that they can pay at CCNow. Unlike other services out there, CCNow is hassle free because auction winners do not have to be a member of CCNow in order to pay you.

E-commerce administrative tools: You can track and manage your CCNow product sales - including your orders and account balance as well as products and pricing - with easy-to-use online tools.

At Last Join their Affiliate Program: Start promoting and earning commissions.

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Today, with an explosion in the quantum of online traffic and trade, your payment gateway has to work that much harder to keep up. Most payment gateways can't really cope. Currency conversion issues, high costs of managing security technologies, inferior software applications are just some of the problems that cause roadblocks.
Which is why ordinary payment gateways can't provide your online enterprise with the right support.
And it is the quality of this support, which will determine if your online business runs like a dream venture or a total nightmare. Since 2001, CCAvenue® has empowered over a thousand entrepreneurs and small businesses to outperform larger, well-financed competitors. CCAvenue® offers an unbeatable package with a complete bouquet of credit card processing options, global quality service and state-of-the-art verification and security technologies, all at very competitive rates. With all the major payment options, all the tools, all in one place, all for one price and all tied together in a straightforward, integrated step-by-step process that works efficiently. Nothing else is even remotely close. By using CCAvenue's payment gateway services, you get a globally scalable platform to enter the digital economy in style. CCAvenue, the world’s premier payment gateway solution was first launched in the year 2001, and is today, the largest and most popular online payment gateway solution in Eurasia. With over 2000 websites relying on their services, we now command a lion's share of the volume of online transactions in the region. Their vast experience in the market has enabled them to pioneer unique value additions that will enhance your e-commerce efforts like never before.

They save you money directly:
They deliver your funds by a US Dollar cheque every week within 48 hrs of the settlement period. Compare this with a US payment gateway that takes at least 15 days to deliver your cheque. This alone means that you save at least 12 days worth of interest on your funds, every week. On an annual basis, this could work out to a huge sum. Moreover, their wire transfer option can further reduce this transit time to just 48 hours. Name your designated bank account anywhere in the world.

They also save you money indirectly:
CCAvenue™ offers support for every  query. All their departments are a mere  phone call away. Their support  specialists are also available for voice  and online chat 24x7. CCAvenue's cutting edge payment technologies coupled with their  proprietary software enhancements  helps minimize your follow up time and  cuts down your overheads and  communication costs.

They keep your money safer:
CCAvenue™ has implemented state-of-the-art security processes that  are currently not available with most US  payment gateways. The latest Verified  By Visa security processes safeguards you from the liability of charge backs caused due to `not authorized by customer' situations, which account for as much as 98% of all charge back reasons.
Their hard earned reputation and superior business processes has resulted in tie-ups with globally respected banking giants and financial institutions such as the CitiGroup, Citibank N.A., American Express.

They make your money work harder & faster:
Time is money and nobody understands this better than CCAvenue. Often a brilliant business idea is lost because setting up the requisite programmable web site involves a heavy investment, in terms of both time and money. Even if you can afford these, can you afford the loss of time to market in an internet world? A world where just 30 days is considered a year. With the CCAvenue™ free shopping cart, your simple business idea or catalogue website can start e-commerce operations within hours. All this with do-it-yourself tools which allow you to customize the look and feel of the shopping cart and the relevant payment pages to match the look and feel of your website.

They make your money work smarter:
Adding value to the transaction process has always been their forte. Acting on merchant feedback, they have created a host of unique value added e-commerce tools, which will enable you to do business more efficiently both offline and online.

The CCAvenue Merchant Accounting & Reporting System (CCAvenue M.A.R.S.)
Managing a relationship with your online customer and CCAvenue has never been easier. The CCAvenue M.A.R.S interface is a feature rich user friendly real time accounts and statistics module, which enhances the merchants profit making abilities by providing a solution for various online business needs. Access to CCAvenue M.A.R.S. is password protected and secured by 128 bit Verisign SSL encryption.

They provide you with complete peace of mind: CCAvenue™ allows you to accept all major credit cards such as Visa, American Express.

CCAvenue offers personalized service for all aspects of the transaction process.
Their close involvement in helping entrepreneurs set up e-commerce operations gives them the perspective they need to understand you, your worries and your concerns. They understand your aspirations. They speak your language.
Their customer support specialists speak English as you speak and understand it.

They enable you to go truly global:
With the power of a US Dollar denominated online credit card acceptance facility on your side, you can now free your e-commerce business from the restraints of geographical reference points and labels like "First World" or "Third World". By offering your products or services in US Dollars, your e-commerce business instantly acquires an international look, which enhances returns. Also, Internet shoppers from the United States continue to dominate global online shopping, both in numbers and volume. By creating a US centric appeal for your web sales, you add to online shopper confidence and comfort level and get better results.

All these benefits are designed to let you to focus on what you would like to do best - which is to run your e-Commerce business smoothly.

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